Recall Walker Organizers In Wisconsin Reported 300,000 Petition Signatures Gathered In Just 12 Days

It’s official, recall Governor Scott Walker organizers confirming they have passed halfway mark to force a statewide recall election.

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 28, 2011

Milwaukee – On Monday, an e-mail from United Wisconsin reported that 300,000 recall Republican Governor Scott Walker petition signatures have been collected surpassing the halfway mark to force a recall election. “Over 300,000 signatures in 12 days-that is over 1,000 per hour,” United Wisconsin reported. Signatures were collected throughout the 72 counties in the state.
The remarkable outpour of eligible voters in Wisconsin has broken the organizers own record of collecting signatures before the January 17 dateline, despite a suspected Republican operated website Occupy-Madison that falsely reported that all the 540,000 signatures needed for a recall had been collected as of last weekend. The Occupy-Madison Facebook site has been shut down and the state’s Government Accountability Board (GAB) is investigating, if its administrator violated any laws for falsely reporting that all signatures had been collected.
On Saturday, Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) first reported that recall organizers had collected at least 270,000 signatures or were close to surpassing the halfway mark to recall Governor Walker. Websites and social networks shared and tapped into the breaking news story. The HNNUSA story then spread like wildfire through the Internet. The main stream media finally picked up the news story on Monday, after organizers officially confirmed it had surpassed the halfway mark to force an election.

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