Mexican Navy Captain Among The U.S. Embassy Workers Shot Near Cuernavaca By Federal Police

12 Mexican federal officers detained after targetting and shooting up U.S. Embassy SUV.

By H. Nelson Goodson
August 26, 2012

Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico – On Saturday, the Mexican Federal Attorney General’s Office took the lead to investigate Friday’s federal police shooting incident near Cuernavaca that resulted with
two employees from the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City being shot multiple times during a vehicle chase. The two workers and a Mexican Navy captain were traveling in a black Toyota SUV type of vehicle with diplomatic plates on the Mexico City and Cuernavaca highway when federal police attempted to stop the vehicle. The driver noticed the armed men (federal police) brandishing weapons while following them and decided not to stop.
A chased by federal police in four vehicles pursued the U.S. workers near Cuernavaca before 8:35 a.m. on Friday and fired more than 40 shots from multiple 762 Cal. weapons at the right side of the diplomatic vehicle. The SUV was bullet prove.
The two Americans were injured, one was injured in the leg and the other in the abdomen and hand. They were taken to a hospital in Cuernavaca. They were later moved to a hospital in Mexico City and are recovering.
The navy captain was not injured, but managed to contact the naval dispatch nearby and Marines, including other federal police were sent to the scene. They detained at least 12 Mexican federal officers believed to have been involved in the shooting incident.
Federal police thought they were kidnappers and members of a criminal organization. The U.S. government has not released a statement other that the American employees from the U.S. Embassy had been ambused by armed men.

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