ACE Tomato Co. Files Appeal To Prevent Implementation Of ALRB Worker’s Contract

San Joaquin County judge grants TRO hearing to decide whether to force ACE Tomato to comply with the law and implement a worker’s contract.

By H. Nelson Goodson
August 29, 2012

Manteca, CA – On Monday, a San Joaquin County judge scheduled a hearing for September 13, to determined whether she will issue a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) to force ACE Tomato Co., Inc. to comply with the law and implement a worker’s contract. ACE filed an appeal on August 23, in a Fresno court of appeals to keep the Agricultural Labor Relations Board’s (ALRB) mediator worker’s contract from being implemented while they appeal. The ACE appeal could take years to be decided.
After 23 years since the ACE worker’s had voted for a United Farm Workers Union (UFW) and ACE failing to recognize the union, including their failure to agree on a contract, a ALRB neutral mediator finally submitted a report on June 28, that contained terms for a new contract for the farm workers. On July 25, the ALRB ordered ACE Tomato to implement the contract, a UFW press release reported on Wednesday. ACE failed to comply with the ALRB order and the ALRB General Counsel then filed for a TRO to force ACE to implement the worker’s contract immediately.
ACE Tomato was established in 1968, which grows and packs a variety of field grown products. ACE is part of the Lagorio Family of Companies from California, according to its website.

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