Miss Sinaloa Woman 2012 Reported Killed Among Gang Members In Mexico

Miss Sinaloa Woman 2012 was with her boyfriend and other armed men when they confronted Mexican military in a shootout.

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 27, 2012

El Palmar de los Leal, Sinaloa, Mexico – The Mexican military (Sedena) confirmed that on Saturday three civilians, including beauty queen Maria Susana Flores Gámez, 20, Miss Sinaloa Woman 2012 and her boyfriend and two military personnel died in a shootout. Gámez was crowned Miss Sinaloa Woman in February and is originally from Culiacán was with her boyfriend and other men when her boyfriend shot at a military unit on routine patrol in the municipality of the Mocorito.
The shooting happened around 5:00 a.m. and Gámez, her boyfriend, Eleazar López Betrán and another man were killed when military personnel returned fire to repell the aggression, according to Marco Antonio Higuera Gómez, the Sinaloa Attorney General. Gómez in a press conference reported that the shooting began at a safehouse the gang members were using and spread into three areas in the town of El Palmar de los Leal.
The shooting occurred in the municipality of the Mocorito in the state of Sinaloa. Authorities are investigating, if Gámez had also participated in the shootout or was also armed. She died outside an SUV and a AK-47 was next to her body.
Four men were taken into custody, they were identified as Álvaro Cázares Iribe, 22, Gabino Ramirez López, 23, Óscar Geovani Rodríguez Beltrán, 22, and Felipe de Jesús Ortiz Reyes.

Maria Susana Flores Gámez


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