NYPD Officer DePrimo Receives Recognition For Kind Deed

New York Police Officer DePrimo gets spotlight after human kindness deed to Manhattan homeless man.

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 30, 2012

New York, New York – On November 14, New York Police Officer Larry DePrimo, 25, was unexpectedly photographed by Jennifer Foster of Florence, Arizona when the officer gave a pair of socks and all-weather boots to a bare foot (shoeless) Manhattan homeless man. The night was cold and Officer DePrimo was wearing several pair of wool socks and combat boots and he was still cold.
When he saw the barefoot near Times Square on a sidewalk on Seventh Avenue near 44th Street, Officer DePrimo felt compelled to do something. He went and bought thermal socks and boots for the man for $75 and even helped put the socks and boots on the man.
The man thanked DePrimo for the kindness and told him that he never owned a pair of shoes after DePrimo asked him, if he would like a pair of boots. DePrimo also invited him for coffee, but the man declined and went on his way. The homeless man was not identified.
DePrimo’s photo was placed on the NYPD Facebook on Tuesday and then it went viral on Facebook. A friend called DePrimo about the photo being posted on the NYPD Facebook page and that had gone viral.
On Thursday, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly decided to honor Officer DePrimo of Holbrook for his act of human kindness by giving him a set of cuff links. DePrimo never expected anything in return for his kindness.


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Nationally, Goodson is a foremost respected immigration rights and reform Journalist in the U.S.A.
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