Trump And His Bigots Sat Down For A Milwaukee Town Hall Gathering At Pabst Theater

Hundreds of Milwaukeeans were out protesting Trump and his bigoted supporters in downtown Milwaukee.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

August 16, 2016

Milwaukee, WI – On Tuesday, Trump stopped in Milwaukee for a town hall gathering at the Milwaukee Pabst Theater sponsored by FoxNews. Hundreds of Trump’s bigots attended the event while hundreds of anti-Trump protesters were kept outside of the event showing the Milwaukee welcome and get out quick insults. No reporters were allowed to cover the town hall gathering.
Trump talked about last weekend unrest and protests in Milwaukee involving Milwaukee Police Officer Dominique L. Heaggan and Sylville Smith, 23, who he was acquainted in the neighborhood and both attended Pulaski High School. Smith had a valid Wisconsin Conceal Carry License, according to his mother, Mildred Haynes.
London Ahmed, Smith’s cousin posted on Facebook, “The news not reporting that my lil cuzn set 10 months in jail with no case and they had to release him. He had a lawsuit against the police department for harassment and so on and WON…..
HE’S NOT A FELON and he has a CCW!!! The same district that shot and killed him is the same district that he had the lawsuit against!!! My lil cousin left behind a two year old son that lived with him!!! But they not reporting that!! And all last night his son kept asking “where’s my daddy??””
Police say, Smith allegedly was stopped for a traffic violation and ran from the vehicle with a gun in his hand. Officer Heaggan then fired multiple shots and killed Smith. Smith had no felony convictions.
Officer Heaggan is also a Hip-hop singer and composer who posted a video on YouTube singing about doing drugs, shooting people and weapons.
The ACLU-Milwaukee has called on the Milwaukee Police Department and the Wisconsin Department of Justice to release the full footage of the body camera video of Smith’s death.
Trump’s next stop was West Bend.

Video: Trump ends Town Hall gathering at Pabst Theater in Milwaukee

Trump bigot confronted Anti-Trump protesters in Milwaukee


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