Black Panthers Bear Arms During March And Chanted Justice For Darren Seals

Dozens of Black Panthers openly carried weapons during a protest demanding Justice for Darren Seals.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

September 12, 2016

St. Louis, Missouri – On Sunday, dozens of Black Panthers and supporters from the Arfo-American community marched while carrying weapons openly though the streets of the Central West neighborhood. They chanted “no more brothers in jail, fu_k the police, no more pigs in our community, f_ck the pigs, armed yourselves, whose streets our streets…” in response to the homicide of Darren Seals, a Black Lives Matter activist who was fatally shot.
The Black Panthers and community want answers about who murdered Seals and police have yet to released any information about his death. They are calling for transparency in the city government and police department.
Protesters met at the Riverview Police Department to seek answers from police, but none were provided. Seals body was found shot in a burning vehicle in Riverview within St. Louis County.
Several protests by members of the Afro-American community were held around the St. Louis area to bring attention to Seals murder. No arrests were reported.
More protests are planned, a protest video that showed members of the Black Panthers armed while marching was posted by LaShell Eik in her Facebook account.
In Milwaukee, the Sherman Park Afro-American community and the Syville Smith’s family is still waiting for body camera video footage by Milwaukee Police Officer Dominique Heaggan, 24, of Smith’s death to be released. The Wisconsin Department of Justice (WIDOJ) and the Milwaukee Police Department won’t release the videos to show whether Officer Heaggan was justified in killing Smith, 23, who had a valid Wisconsin Conceal Carry license. The WIDOJ says, it will release the video to family once the investigation is concluded.

LaShell Eik claims Facebook deleted multiple live steaming videos from Sunday’s protest

LaShell Eik’s posted video of Sunday’s march with armed Black Panthers (caution adult language used)


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