Fans In Philly Destroyed Rented Sound And Lighting Equipment After Gerardo Ortiz Had A No Show

Multiple fans got upset and began to destroy rented sound and lighting equipment at a dance event in Philadelphia, which Gerardo Ortiz, one of the artists was a no show.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

October 2, 2016

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – On Saturday, dozens of Gerardo Ortiz fans became upset and began to destroy rented sound and lighting equipment after paying up to $50 to see him perform, but Ortiz was a no show. The dance event was held at the Explanada de Philadelphia and both Gerardo Ortiz and the Banda Machos were suppose to perform. Banda Machos did play at the gig, but Ortiz had a no show.
The Ortiz fans wanted their money refunded, but the dance promoters, Zamora Entertainment and PESAN Production, Inc. failed to do any refunds to disgruntled Ortiz fans.
The Ortiz fans became very upset and began to destroy the sound and lighting equipment on stage. Ivan Lucero posted a video on his Facebook account of the Ortiz fan rampage, the destruction of sound and lighting equipment including music instruments at the event.
The Shinola Promotions also posted a video of the Ortiz fan melee in their FB account.
Both sponsors of the event haven’t released a statement concerning the damage or refunds to fans. Police have not released any information about the melee at the dance.
The Gerardo Ortiz official Facebook (FB) account on Saturday afternoon had announced at 4:17 p.m. with a photo of Ortiz and other individuals enjoying beers that they would be at the event later that night. But around 2:00 a.m. on early Sunday, the Ortiz official FB posted an announcement that Ortiz did not appear at the Philadelphia event due to an illness and apologized to their fans for a no show.
The Zamora Entertainment FB account has Ortiz scheduled to perform at a Jaripeo (Mexican rodeo) event at the Newburgh Armory on Sunday afternoon in Newburgh, New York.

Update: On Monday, Rod Rodriguez from Rodriguez Productions in Fort Myers, Florida when contacted by Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) confirmed that the estimated loss of music instruments, sound and lighting equipment was more than $30,000 in Philly. Rod in his Facebook account, posted a personal video recorded along with his staff including his father, that the Gerardo Ortiz band had played three songs, when the Ortiz fans were made aware that Ortiz would not perform, they began to get upset and began to throw beers cups at the group. The Ortiz group stopped playing while Ortiz was outside of the event.
The Ortiz fans went over the metal fences and began to destroy the sound equipment. The light engineer says that out of 20 set of lights, only 8 survived. The sound tech confirmed that all of the sound cables and mics were stolen, a drum set was destroyed, speakers were damaged.
Rodriguez also says that the Ortiz management and the Rodriguez Productions have reached an agreement about the loss, destroyed or damaged equipment in Philly and that they will continue to work with Gerardo Ortiz.
Rodriguez says, that his brother also reported a loss of a monitor and some other equipment in Orlando over the weekend. Edgar Soto, a sound engineer for a group had also reported that all the music and sound equipment was stolen in Chicago, Los Alacranes Musicales also reported that all their instruments were stolen in Texas over the weekend as well, according to Rodriguez.


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