Bublr Bikes In Milwaukee Offers Free 30-minute Rides On Election Day

More than 57 Bublr Bikes stations have opened in the Milwaukee area.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 7, 2016

Milwaukee, WI – Bublr Bikes announced that on Tuesday, November 8, it will offer 30-minutes free rides when using code “1776” during election day. Last week, Bublr Bikes opened a bike station N. Historic Dr. Martin Luther King Drive and W. North Ave.
So far, Bublr Bikes has opened more than 57 bike stations around the city, Wauwatosa and business improvement districts including at S. César E. Chavez Drive and W. Washington St., and S. 5th Street and W. National Ave. in the Southside of Milwaukee.
Ten of the latest Bublr Bikes stations were funded by a federal grant (Congestion Mitigation/Air Quality program grant awarded to the the City in 2013) and a city business Tax Incremental Financing District (TID 85) approved by the Milwaukee Common Council in September 2015, according to Bublr Bikes.

Bublr Stations:

• 5th/National

• Astor/Juneau

• Bradford Beach

• Burns Commons

• MLK/North

• North/Lake

• Oakland/Bradford

• Oakland/Kenwood

• Pleasant/Commerce

• Riverside Park

This year, Bublr has already installed 12 Bublr stations in Milwaukee and 7 in Wauwatosa. Bublr plans to install two more stations before the end of 2016 and keep growing in the years to come – with the goal of having more than 100 stations in the Greater Milwaukee Area by the end of 2018, confirmed Bublr Bikes in a press release.


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