Wisconsin Major Heroin And Cocaine Dealer LaCresha Lightfoot Arrested In Dodge County

Traffic stop results with the arrest of an alleged heroin and cocaine dealer in Dodge County.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 16, 2016

Juneau, WI – The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) in a press release reported that on Monday, November 14, 2016, the Dodge County Drug Task Force (DCDTF) arrested LaCresha A. P. Lightfoot, 27, aka “LA” of Beaver Dam, following a traffic stop within the City of Beaver Dam. Lightfoot was charged with multiple felony counts for Manufacturing/Delivery of Heroin – PTAC, Manufacturing/Delivery of Cocaine – PTAC, and Delivery of a Counterfeit Narcotic Drug – PTAC, according to the DCSO.
A multi-law drug enforcement task force investigation indicated that Lightfoot was well known to operated her drug distribution ring from several locations throughout the City of Beaver Dam including Lakecrest Drive, Rosendale Street, and the Shoe Factory Apartments on N. Spring St. The numerous sale of these drugs took place in common public locations throughout Beaver Dam. Lightfoot had several associates working for her in her drug distribution business and the DCDTF is investigating the suspects involved in Lightfoot’s drug operation.
The DCDTF on Tuesday were issued search warrants under the names of Herman C. Jones, 23, and Earl L. Howard, 22, in connection with the Lightfoot drug case, according to court records.
In February 2016, Lightfoot pleaded guilty to misdemeanor possession of THC.
The DCSO says, Lightfoot’s arrest is a major break in the supply of these dangerous and deadly drugs to Dodge County.
Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt thank the Dodge County Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Force, Beaver Dam Police Department, Juneau Police Department, Waupun Police Department, the Dodge County District Attorney’s Office, and other Drug Task Force Law Enforcement Agencies that assisted in this case.


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