Milwaukee White Cops Strike Child In The Mouth And Take Weapon From Revolutionary Black Panther Party

Members of the Revolutionary Black Panther Party get confronted by White cops who confiscated a weapon while holding an outdoor food pantry event at N. 27th Street and W. Fond du Lac Ave.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

December 28, 2016

Milwaukee, WI – On Wednesday, multiple Milwaukee White cops and a supervisor were accused of interrupting a peaceful event held by the Revolutionary Black Panther Party (RBPP) at an outdoor sidewalk People’s Public Pantry and Feed The People Program taking place at N. 27th Street and W. Fond du Lac Ave. Vaun L. Mayes, the RBPP National and Regional General including the Minister of Information/Media, also known as an Afro-American national civil rights activist who participated at the event posted a video he recorded of the incident on his Facebook (FB) account and reported that a Milwaukee police officer had struck a girl between the age of 11 to 12 in the mouth and the injury caused her to bleed.
Mayes told Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) when contacted that the RBPP have been kept under surveillance by the Milwaukee police, since the other day when the RBPP acquired a legal permit to marched and hold a rally on December 18 while armed against police brutality and corruption within the Seventh Milwaukee Police District Station under the command of Milwaukee Police Department Chief Edward Flynn.
Mayes has been very vocal against Milwaukee Police Officer Dominique Heaggan-Brown, 24, who worked at the Seventh Milwaukee Police District Station and was recently charged with 1st-degree reckless homicide for the cold blooded murder of Sylville Smith, 23, near Sherman Park. Officer Heaggan-Brown has since been terminated from the Milwaukee Police Department. Heaggan-Brown who is Afro-American was also charged with two felony counts for 2nd-degree sexual assault of intoxicated victim, 2nd-degree sexual assault of unconscious victim, one felony count for capture an intimate representation and two misdemeanor counts for prostitution-none maritial intercourse for the August 15 sexual assault of a male victim, a day after killing Smith.
Heaggan-Brown had been also named with another officer in a federal lawsuit filed by a male victim, that both officers illegal targeted and stripped searched the victim.
Mayes says, that the RBPP have combined a Sherman Park food program with the People’s Public Pantry and Feed The People Program to provide complimentary food and other services to the Afro-American community, but that police have been harassing the RBPP.
In a released statement, Mayes stated, “we recognize the police have targeted us since we did the armed march last week… this is apparent in our other live feeds. I make sure to document them following and watching us. This is unacceptable and it will not be tolerated. This is an organization of self defense, and we are an armed group. We will remain so. We will not be intimidated nor bullied out of our service to the community. The RBPP have done the Feed the People Program for months at that location without incident or complaints. My Program from Sherman Park, the Program in the Parks created the People’s Public Pantry about a month or so ago, and have just joined both of them to bring more resources to the people in the community, where as my program usually operates out of Sherman Park.”
According to Mayes, the police usually stakes out the RBPP sponsored food program with 3 to 4 police squads in the area, which engage in surveillance, take photos, video and etc., which in return, the RBPP does the same thing and documents police presence and post the RBPP intelligence gathering on Mayes FB account for the public to see.
On Wednesday police, “took one weapon, (which was legal and valid as far as licensed) and arrested one person for a petty bench warrant,” Mayes reported.
The Milwaukee Police Department has yet to release a statement about confiscating a weapon while being open carried by a RBPP member and the allegation that a young girl was struck by an officer at the RBPP open pantry event in the Northside. A police sergeant at the scene had a body camera on his glasses and most likely other officers had body cameras as well and might have captured, which officer struck the young girl.
According to an officer at the scene in the video, he told the RBPP members that someone had called police and made a complaint because they were in front of a private business and obstructing the sidewalk with the food open pantry operation.

MPD and RBPP incident video at: and

Update: Vaun L. Mayes reported that the following Facebook (FB) accounts, Back the Blue Wisconsin and Sean Baker (a fake profile) are behind calling false police calls, the filing of false police reports, including the misuse of an electronic device.
Both FB accounts indicate the obvious and Baker admits the complicity.

WI: The Milwaukee Police Department including Police Chief Edward Flynn is facing a $400M federal civil lawsuit for the Constitutional rights violation incident involving White officers who illegally seized a weapon and a 10-year-old child was struck in the mouth by a careless officer during a confrontation with members of the Revolutionary Black Panther Party, a Milwaukee organization.
Also, CBS 58 reported that the RBPP has not confirmed a date when the lawsuit will be filed. Chief Flynn and the MPD haven’t responded to the RBPP claim that police officers violated their civil and Constitutional rights, according to CBS 58.


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