Transparency Paramount For MIA LLC, Entity Makes Public Disclosure Of Financial Statement

Community members at a gathering were handed out a full disclosure of bank deposits from funds generated by Movimiento de Inmigrantes en Acción, a registered entity with the feds and State of Wisconsin as an LLC.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

March 1, 2017

Milwaukee, WI – On Wednesday, organizing members for the Movimiento de Inmigrantes en Acción LLC (MIA LLC), Maryann Galicia, Mauricio Galicia, Ernesto Nava and Louie Villeda officially released a full disclosure of bank deposits that MIA LLC generated through membership and donations during an informative and organizing session in Milwaukee. Transparency of funds from those donating and the membership has been exercised as the founding members vowed to do when MIA LLC was established to give a voice for those community members involved with the for profit social organization.
According to Maryann, the registered bank deposits were $166.31 and cash collect at a gathering at the Gran Teocali, 2011 W. Forest Home Ave. in Milwaukee, WI. on Wednesday generated $182.00.
MIA LLC was registered with the feds and got their federal tax number as an LLC, it was also registered with the State of Wiscosin as well for the purpose to empower the Latino community and built a united voice including leadership among those participating. MIA LLC will have 13 Board of Directors who will work to make sure the funding and its operation are transparent to the community who they will serve, according to Nava. A bank account was set up with Associated Bank to begin to generate deposit funds as an LLC to operate and launch their community based agenda.
For those interested to send a donation, people can send funds to MIA LLC routing and account number 075900575 2173587 777 or stop at any Associated Bank in the U.S. and deposit any funds to help support the group.
Raúl Ventura Ortiz, radio commentary host for Radio Latina 5.0 also announce at the gathering that he will conduct a radio broadcast to help collect additional funds for the group on Friday, March 3, 2017 beginning at 5:00 p.m. to midnight. People who want to stop by and donate to MIA LLC can also stop at the broadcast station Radio Latina 5.0, 1500 AM Radio located at 1220 Grand Ave. in Waukegan, Illinois during the live programming, according to Ventura Ortiz.
MIA LLC is a unique community base organization dependent on community imput and collaboration with other groups in the Milwaukee area and nationally who are dedicated to empower the community and create leadership among members of the community including the youth.
MIA LLC will address issues through active community membership participation and discussions for the purpose to achieve equal access to justice, immigration reform, community safety, education, legal help by contracting with a lawfirm willing to take cases involving members and support of DREAMers.
The project model is known a 777, which a membership fee of $7.77 will be accepted to generate community funding for tactical and strategic spending to promote the goals of set organization.
Ventura Ortiz, is a popular radio talk host for Radio Latina 5.0., 1500 AM Radio, which has a listening audience of more than 500,000 on a combine coverage in Facebook, social media and Internet programing in the U.S., Mexico, South and Central America.

Video: Wednesday’s recorded programming of MIA LLC gathering by Radio Latina 5.0 at:


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