Frank Lee Jude Jr. Trashed Milwaukee Northside Gas Station

Jude Jr. apparently got mad and trashed a gas station.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

April 10, 2017

Milwaukee, WI – On Sunday, Frank Lee Jude Jr., 38, became agitated and trashed the inside of a gas station at N. Teutonia Ave. and W. Atkinson Ave. causing hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise damage. A video posted by Raymond Willis on Facebook caught Jude in action as he trashed the gas station and ran around throwing merchandise.
Jude Jr. was arrested by police and booked in the Milwaukee County jail pending multiple charges and bail was set at $1,150, according to the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office.
In 2016, Jude Jr. was taken into custody near the 2000 block of W. Lincoln Ave. by police after resisting arrest and suspicion of possession of drugs (cocaine) including violation of probation. Charges against Jude Jr. were later dropped.
In May 2015, Jude Jr. was convicted on two misdemeanor counts for violating a domestic abuse injunction.
He was arrested in 2015 by Wauwatosa police for domestic abuse and resisting arrest after he allegedly struck his girlfriend. He was later released from jail after time served in that case. At the time, Jude Jr. didn’t have enough money to bail himself out.
In 2012, Jude Jr. who was beaten by 15 off-duty Milwaukee police officers at a party in 2004 was awarded a settlement of $2 million dollars by the Milwaukee Common Council as a result of a civil lawsuit.
In 2008, Jude Jr. was convicted in Winnebago County for two misdemeanor counts for battery and disorderly conduct.

Video: Frank Lee Jude Jr. trashing the inside of a gas station in Milwaukee’s Northside:


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