Terry Williams Had No Criminal Conviction Record Despite Allegation By Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr.

A Wisconsin courts record search indicated that Terry Williams who was shot in the head on Lincoln Memorial Drive while fleeing from a traffic violation had no criminal conviction record, despite allegations made by Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. that Williams had a criminal history during a press conference.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

June 17, 2017

Milwaukee, WI – A criminal records search in Wisconsin resulted with with no criminal convictions for Terry Williams, 19, despite allegations made by Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. during a press conference that Williams had a criminal history. The family of Williams released a statement demanding for Sheriff Clarke Jr. cease a smear campaign against Williams who was shot in the head on Sunday along Lincoln Memorial Drive by Milwaukee County Sheriff Deputy Michael Truax, a rookie in the department. Williams was declared brain dead and died at a local hospital.
Williams was fleeing from a traffic violation when Deputy Truax at a median fired multiple shots and hit Williams in the head. Once Williams vehicle passed Deputy Truax, he continued to fire his weapon at least 8 to 10 times into Williams vehicle where three other passengers were inside. One female passenger was shot in the shoulder and hand.
Sheriff Clarke claims, that Williams tried to hit Deputy Truax with the vehicle, but Williams family says that the video shows when Deputy Truax first fired his weapon, Williams vehicle (SUV) “was barely moving” and the front wheels were turned to the right and once Williams was struck in the head, he became unconscious, thus contradicting Sheriff Clarke’s claim. The Williams family statement was released to CBS 58.
Here’s the Williams family statement, “Ms. McEwen, who is not a suspect and is an innocent victim – had her phone and personal belongings seized by the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department following the shooting. She has repeatedly requested these items be returned as they contain photographs of her boyfriend, Terry Williams, which she wants to look at and use for the obituary and funeral. Ms. McEwen repeats her previous requests that these items be returned to her.
“The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department has released dash cam video and appears to be engaging in a smear campaign against Mr. Williams, who was killed by Deputy Truax and cannot defend against their allegations. The Audi is seen fleeing from police and it is understandable that tensions were high. But the video also shows that Mr. Williams was not trying to run down anyone when Deputy Traux began shooting. When the smoke from the shot of Deputy Truax is most visible (circled in the picture below), the SUV is barely moving and the wheels are pointed to the right. When the car turns left, Mr. Williams was already being shot at, and potentially no longer conscious. The autopsy will provide further information.
“Ms. McEwan and the family of Mr. Williams request that the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department end its attempt to vilify Mr. Williams, who was killed by one of their deputies, and cease its efforts to influence public opinion until the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department completes its investigation. Ms. McEwen also repeats her request that her personal property, including her phone, be returned, so that she may use her photos to prepare for Mr. Williams’ obituary and funeral.”
Paula McEwen, 24, who was a passenger in Williams vehicle was shot in the shoulder and hand by Deputy Truax, she survived, two other passengers, Daniel Nash, 27, and another female were not injured in the incident.
The Milwaukee Police Department released information that Williams and Nash were suspects that had been involved in a shooting the day before, according to a victim who filed a complaint. Nash was charged on Friday in that incident with one felony count for 1st-degree recklessly endangering safety and three misdemeanor charges, one for disorderly conduct and two for bail jumping. If convicted on all charges, Nash is facing up to 13-years in prison. The incident police reported is not related to last Sunday’s traffic violation incident where Deputy Truax shot Williams for failing to stop.

Dash cam video released by the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office in the Terry Williams incident https://youtu.be/-wPx3Y-0UfQ


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